Easter Sunday

04-16-2017Weekly ReflectionFr. Chauncey Winkler

Dear Parish Family,

Today, we celebrate not only an empty tomb, but the One who opened the tomb and left it empty.Jesus the Christ destroyed death; His death and our death. Fear of death may once have hadpower over us. But, for Jesus’ disciples, then and now, faith in Jesus Christ conquers that fear. Itis His gift of faith that brought us here today to celebrate His victory and worship Him as Lord ofthe world.

Jesus conquered death, but he didn’t give us a way around it. Instead, He confronted death andwon. We also, with faith in Him, must confront death. Let Jesus roll away the stone that you cannot move (sorrow, sickness, addiction, etc.). Let Him fill that space with His light and the freshwind of His Holy Spirit.

Each Lent, we are called to die to our selfishness, pride, laziness, greed, envy, judgment, prejudice, sense of entitlement, impurity in thoughts and actions. For 40 days, you have been dying to these vices and many others. Now, this Easter morning, call out to the Lord. Ask him toraise you up into His virtue and freedom.

Special Easter Greetings

As Easter, in its glory, comes to bless the earth again and the joy of Resurrection brings new hope to hearts of men, may you feel the presence of Our Risen Lord and King, enfolding you forever in the peace His love can bring.

  • Father Chauncey, Father Barnabas, Father Tony
  • Deacon Andy, Deacon Gilbert, Deacon Jeff, Deacon John, Deacon Mike, Deacon Patrick, and the Staff of Our Lady of the Lake