Traveling Catholics



Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, January 16 2015

When John and Andrew finally decide to go after him, he turns around to welcome them. He makes no demands, gives no orders, and passes no judgment. Rather, he engages them in a conversation and issues an invitation to come and spend time with him. This is how Jesus works. This is how he calls us, gently, unexpectedly, personally. The era of flashing fire on the mountaintop is over; the era of good-hearted friendship and intimate companionship with the eternal God has begun.

Weekly Schedule -January 19, 2015 - January 22, 2015

Confession: 9:00am & 6:30pm (First Friday only)
Bible Study: 9:30am
Holy Hour: 3:00pm
Jovenes Para Cristo: 7:00pm

Confession: 7:00am (First Saturday only) & 9:00am
Soup Kitchen: 10:30am
Vigil Masses: 4:00pm & 5:30pm

Masses: 7:00am, 8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm (Spanish)
Confession: 9:00am
Jovenes Para Cristo: 7:00pm

Tuesday with Mary Rosary & Holy Hour: 9:00am
Soup Kitchen: 4:30pm
Confession: 5:00pm
Evening Prayer: 5:30pm
Bible Study: 6:30pm

Confession: 9:00am
Women’s Bible Study: 9:00am
Bereavement Group: 9:30am
Mass: 5:30pm

Bible Study: 9:30am
Soup Kitchen: 4:30pm
Confession: 5:00pm



Christmas, hope for humanity. That the birth of the Redeemer may bring peace and hope to all people of good will.

Parents. That parents may be true evangelizers, passing on to their children the precious gift of faith.